Food and Wine… and more

We like to organise special ‘food and wine’ events every week… We love to get together with our guests like we’re one big family!

…And the BBQ together with all the guests is a very nice social topping, which made the stay unforgettable.Huesken

Pizza night
Fire up the wood-fired oven and cook some great homemade pizza

Pasta night
A taste of the best italian pasta dishes

Bbq garden party
The delicious meat of Umbria that you’ll enjoy in our gardens

A taste of the best wine, cheeses and cold cuts from Umbria

“The marriage of pasta and sauce”
Our cooking class to learn how to perfectly cook your pasta

Cinema night and beer
A nice movie on our cinema screen, sitting on our gardens with an Umbrian beer

We switch off all the outdoor lights so you can see the stars, fireflies and also.. light worms!

Pool at Night
All the lights in the pool are “on” to have a night swim

Please note: we have relaxation and peace at the 1st place. Our small events are reserved to our guests and only organized 1-2 times per week, just to give a nice social topping to your holiday.

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